Body mass assessment methods

Body mass assessment methods
Before you start obesity treatment, you need to assess its severity. For objective assessment of your real body mass, you need to:
  • Weigh yourself on accurate scales every day
  • Weigh yourself in the morning, before breakfast
  • Record the results daily
Weight measurement is needed so that people with normal body weight do not make a wrong decision to lose weight and can avoid potential risks for health.
To make an objective assessment, just a weigh in is not enough. You need also to take into account your stature details, height and even age for the diagnosis of obesity.
With age, heavy muscle tissue is replaced by a lighter one – fat tissue. In addition, because of age changes, mineral density of bone tissue can be reduced and bones become lighter.
All the listed factors can affect the objective body mass assessment. Therefore, if the body weight is slightly larger than norm, only a doctor specializing on metabolic disorders can make the right diagnosis.
For express diagnosis of obesity, a body mass index (BMI) is typically used. To calculate the BMI, you can use special formula or an online-calculator.
  • Obesity is diagnosed in people with BMI 30 and higher
  • Overweight is diagnosed in people with BMI 25 to 29.9
To diagnose pre-obesity timely, people prone to overweight need a regular monitoring of their body mass. Pre-obese is a pre-clinical phase of a disease, during which anti-obesity prophylaxis is mostly effective.
If BMI indicates excessive weight or obesity, you need to make sure that the weight gain is not a result of some disease. To determine the cause of obesity, you might need a comprehensive medical examination.
Patients with diagnosis obesity or overweight are not recommended to begin a weight loss program:
  • If they move to another place or change the climate
  • If they get pregnant or in post-natal period
  • If they use prescription or over-the-counter drugs
  • If they have unstable psychoemotional state
Before you start anti-obesity therapy, you need to finish a medical therapy of other diseases and try to limit an impact of negative factors on your physical and mental state.
When you begin the anti-obesity treatment, you should keep in mind that for a quick weight loss you need a persistent motivation and a great willpower. Because if you don’t make every effort for losing weight, you will never succeed even with the help of prescription or over-the-counter drugs.

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