Why people become obese

Why people become obese
The main reason why people become overweight or obese is a broken balance between energy obtained from food digestion and its consumption. This process is accompanied by impaired metabolism and the development of obesity related diseases. Other reasons why people become overweight are traumas, mental disorders and some other diseases.
With the advent of Television, computers, video games, household appliances and other convenient stuff, our level of physical activity has reduced significantly. In some countries, people are so dependent on cars that they almost never walk on foot.
Passive lifestyle causes little need in calories. But not only that. Our bodies need regular physical loads for hormones synthesis and a normal function of all the body systems. Physically active people have a stable insulin level compared to people, who are inactive. It is a fact that common changes of insulin levels are closely connected to weight gain.
Unfortunately, the incidence of childhood obesity keeps increasing year by year. When these children become grownups, they typically have problems with body weight. Actually, if one or both parents are obese, they have great chances to have an overweight child. Thus, the number of overweight newborns (the body weight is over 4000-4500 g) increases annually.
A sedentary lifestyle along with accessibility of high-calorie food led to that obesity became an epidemic. Everybody, who eats and drinks more foods and beverages they need to meet their energy needs, will inevitably have problems with the body weight.

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