Adipex and pregnancy

Adipex and pregnancy
Pregnant women have never taken part in Adipex clinical trials. However, Adipex is contraindicated during pregnancy, just as other prescription weight loss drugs are.
Pregnant women must never use Adipex psychostimulant for two reasons:
  • It may possibly violate fetal development
  • Pregnant women should not lose weight
Adipex weight loss pills are recommended for a short-term anti-obesity therapy. Maximal term of use of Adipex is 12 weeks. The recommended time of use is 4-8 weeks.
Adipex weight loss and anti-obesity drug can be used before or after pregnancy. If you are planning to get pregnant, the best way to take Adipex is before pregnancy.
Some medical complications are more pronounced in overweight pregnant women. The use of Adipex weight loss pills and body mass reduction act positively on a child’s health, reducing the risk of:
  • Artificial feeding and surgical intervention during labor.
  • Abnormal fetal growth and termination of early pregnancy.
  • Damage of tissues, organs and extremities during labor.
  • Bleeding and infectious diseases.
A regular use of Adipex does not affect women’s chances to get pregnant. Adipex (Phentermine) half-life is about 25 hours. The full excretion of the drug from the body occurs in 72 hours after swallowing.
The excretion rate of Phentermine (active substance) may vary in different patients. It is better to wait for 4-5 days after the last application of Adipex appetite suppressant and then plan pregnancy.
When used by men, Adipex does not increase risks for pregnancy. In rare cases, Adipex weight loss pills cause poor libido and potency problems in men.
If you take Adipex, and you have just found out that you are pregnant, you must stop using this medication. A sudden cessation of Adipex weight loss therapy does not cause adverse reactions.
Once you buy and start using Adipex, your reproductive system and sexual health may improve. When taking Adipex, sexually active women should use some reliable birth control means and do pregnancy test regularly.