How to force yourself to lose weight?

How to force yourself to lose weight?
Excess weight is not just aesthetic issue. Obesity provokes serious chronic diseases and reduces life span. Extra weight several times increases the risk of: type II diabetes, heart attack, stroke and sexual dysfunction.
Not everyone can force himself to lose weight. After all, it is a hard work to fight against obesity, takes a lot of time and effort. In order to get rid of extra pounds, one should change day schedule, keeping limited diet and go in for sports. How to dare for changes and force yourself to lose weight?
  • Your motivation. Explain yourself why you should lose weight. How does your life change if you lose extra pounds? No need to say: my heart and legs will no longer hurt, I will breathe easier. You can have any stimulus. Maybe they will offer you a better job or a promotion. But maybe, you will finally have a date. Or, you will keep your promise and play football with your kids. In order to “to force” yourself to lose weight, first of all you should find motivation that means a lot just to you.
  • Just start it. Often people with excess weight put off till tomorrow the solution to this issue. They promise themselves to start a diet “in Monday” or go to gym after X-mas, but nothing is happening. Today is the day you should start, not tomorrow. Stop making excuses, just start losing weight.
  • Make up your personal weight loss plan. It should involve diet and adequate physical loads. As your stamina grows, you should gradually increase the intensity of your workouts. Sport can strengthen your muscles and make your body more attractive. Diet plan should be balanced: cellulose, protein, vitamins and minerals. Plan your day and menu beforehand, and then just comply with it.
  • Don't stop. If you feel the strength is running out and you want to stop fighting with excess weight, just think of the results you have already gained. You did the main thing: started working on yourself and you cannot just stop halfway. Write on a paper everything you plan to do after you lose weight. It can be anything: traveling, horse riding or buying a bikini. And every time you want to eat a sandwich or a burger, just think what you may lose.
  • Reward yourself. You must love and indulge yourself moderately. But let it not be a high-calorie dessert. Make yourself other presents, like a key chain or a bag for your cell phone. Make your own “reward” system and please yourself for every successful stage of the weight loss program.
  • Find friends with same interests. It is much easier to get rid of excess pounds, when people around you share your position. Diet and fitness may become fun if you have good company. Besides, it is quite difficult to keep a diet plan, when your friends order caloric foods in restaurant. But if you lose weight together, then nobody will feel discomfort, so the temptation to abandon your weight loss plan will occur rarely than usual.

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