Fun facts about obesity

Fun facts about obesity
1. Coffee, loved by many helps to slim down, however one should stick to the low-calorie diet and drink at least 6 cups of coffee a day for weight loss. Caffeine reduces the appetite, improves metabolism and accelerates the calorie consumption, so the fat is burned by 20% faster in people who drink coffee.
2. Record holder for the extra weight is John Brower Minnoch from Washington. He weighed 630 kg with height 183 cm. Since obesity is a health risk, Minnoch suffered from acute heart failure and spent a lot of time in the hospital. Record of his stay in the hospital was 2 years; John Brower Minnoch has had to stick to a strict diet all this time. After 2 years, Minnoch's weight was 150kg and he was discharged from the hospital.
3. Record of excess weight among women belongs to Percy Pearl Washington from Wisconsin state. Her height is 180 cm and her weight is 400 kg. Percy Pearl Washington managed to lose weight only up to 363 kg.
4. Men lose weight faster than women do. They have muscle tissue more than fat. Herewith, in men fatty deposits most often appear in the abdominal area, but in women - around the waist and hips.
5. McGuire twins were the fattest brothers in the world. Billy Leon McCrary weighed 333 kg and Benny Loyd McCrary – 324 kg. They began to gain weight at the age of 6 years after they got infected with rubella. Despite the extra pounds, McGuire twins led an active life, participated in the show.
6. Marriage affects the body weight. According to researchers' observations, if one of spouses has extra weight, the likelihood of obesity increases by 37% in the second one. Close friends are also at risk to increase or lose weight.
7. Excess weight became the reason that the American Walter Hudson was not able to leave his home. New Yorker stuck in the door of his house. Rescue team, arrived to the place made a hole in the wall and was able to pull out Hudson by crane only. After this incident, which has became known as fun facts about obesity, Hudson decided to lose weight. For several years, he led a healthy lifestyle, followed the diet and lost weight. Hardly having lost weight, Hudson decided that can indulge himself, ceased to refuse from food and quickly gained weight.
8. Fun facts about obesity – excess weight is not a hindrance for fashion show on the runway. In Italy, beauty contests among obese people are regularly conducted. In order to take part in fashion show, a woman should weigh more than 100 kg and man - more than 150 kg. There are no age limits. During the contest, participants defile on the runway in evening gowns and swimsuits.

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Excess weight is not just aesthetic issue. Obesity provokes serious chronic diseases and reduces life span. Extra weight several times increases the risk of: type II diabetes, heart attack, stroke and sexual dysfunction.

Alternative treatment

Many researches and clinical trials have been held recently. Unfortunately they all prove that diet therapy, weight loss pills and surgical methods provide no equal results.